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70 Effective Words and Phrases for Essays
An essay is an important part of the academic activity at all levels. A student may have to write my essay on the same topic but at different academic levels. This may look easy at the first sight but many students find it difficult to switch between academic levels. There are certain words and phrases which can help the students to improve their essays. Using these phrases can also help them in minimizing the word usage but expressing the meaning effectively. In the following lines, we will take a look at some phrases that can be used to improve the language in an essay.
Argument development
We can start by considering the following figure
The main theme of the novel is that
The first point presented is the same as some older studies.
It is often said that
It is a well-established fact that
One of the most prominent feature of this writing is
Initially, we can say that
We should identify the difference between
How to Write Descriptive Sentences - 2021 - MasterClass
Presenting the other side
       It may also interest you that
         Another angle of the problem shows
         Another relevant question may be
Concluding remarks
       All the arguments presented point out that
         In the end
         Keeping the evidence in view
         If we conclude that…, the same is not true for
         The first and second arguments go against each other but…
         In the light of the presented facts, we can conclude that
Linking the paragraphs
       One should not forget that
Accepting other points of view
         One should also consider…
         We also agree to the point that
Personal Opinion
       We personally believe that
         My perception about the topic is that
         In my opinion
         This helps us to believe that
         A major possibility is that
Other’s opinion
       Critics mention that
         Some authors are of the opinion
         Some authors do not agree with
Giving examples
       For example
         As an example, we can view
         To elaborate on the point,
For instance
Some birds cannot bear the harsher winters, Swallows, for instance, leave the colder regions to move southwards.
Presenting Facts
       We can clarify our point by presenting
         You should take note that
Demonstrating contrast
       However is used when you present an opposite opinion to your own. Researcher A concluded the same as us but researcher B came up with a different conclusion.
On the other hand
         An essay writer may present some evidence which has been used differently by some other author. Some factors of the financial crisis are very eminent, on the other hand, there is a contrasting evidence about the impact of some other factors.
         Despite this
The term is used to present some ambiguity or shortfall in the evidence or methods. The sample size was small but results were important despite this.
         With this in mind
This expression is used when you need the reader to consider an additional point. The methods used by researchers in the 19th century were not very rigorous. With this in mind, we should look at some current studies.
         Provided that
This phrase is used to present some condition within the text. We can use the same methodology provided that we can account for the limitations.
This is indeed the strongest evidence supporting the presented points.
         The last example shows the fact that our findings match the majority of the past studies.
         Not only… but also
Agreeing and disagreeing
         By and large we have presented similar evidence compared to the past studies and the conclusions have also been the same.
         We should also present the fact that some studies have concluded differently as compared to us.
         We should admit that there have been more limitations to our study than the previous ones.
         We cannot ignore the fact that some major studies concluded differently than our study while write my paper
         From the above discussion, one may see that the issue discussed is important for all walks of life.
         This is why, in our opinion
         The discussion seems to confirm the statement that
Expressing certainty
         Of course
         All in all
         All things considered
       Refers to
         Consists of
         Comprises of
       In essence
         In conclusion
         In summary
         To conclude
         In short
         To sum up
         Since, as, so
         Because of
         Due to
         The reason why
         Leads to
         Cause of
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This will make their job much easier and increase the quality of their work as well. These services also provide the proofreading services which include the correction of the content in terms of spellings, grammar and sentence structure. The proofreading services will improve the quality and acceptability of the content. The most important aspect of these services is the originality report shared by them. This allows the person to know about the percentage of the content that has already been published over the internet. When you get the originality report, you can decrease the percentage of originality by changing the words and phrases.
Some students also get discounts because they order in bulk. These services have expert writers who have already worked on similar assignments and in some cases with the same institution when they write my paper for me.

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